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Coway Doongjin Corporate Identity and Logo



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INSPIRING CORPORATE CULTURE (Smart & Fast Mini-course, PowerPoint presentation download for self-education and training)

Corporate Identity

Woongjin Coway Co. Ltd. is a Korean leading manufacturer of air and water purifiers for households. The Woongjin Corporate Identity symbols create an image of an innovative, customer-focused and fast growing company with an inspiring corporate culture.

The Woongjin’s logotype symbolizes connection, unity, and expansion. Its unique and impressive visual symbols differentiate the firm from the crowd of competitors.

The two pairs of circles connected horizontally and vertically express the willingness of the company to stay closely connected to its customers and the society as a whole.

The Six Love Symbols

The six love symbols on the Woongjin's logo illustrate the management philosophy of the firm: love for Work, Society, Change, Organization, Challenge and Customer.

The Love for Work symbol features a visionary, creative, and enthusiastic person who is working towards achieving his stretch goals and excited about what he is doing.

An embracing hand symbolizes Love for Society.

The sprout symbolizes Love for Change and the management philosophy that favors growth through change.

The Love for Organization symbol creates a feeling of a harmonic corporate culture, fairness, and a united organization.

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Inspiring Culture


The star symbolizes the Love for Challenge. It means that the company will never be satisfied with its achievements however great they are and will always try to reach the stars.

The Love for Customer image symbolizes a customer-oriented culture of the company, customer-driven innovation, and personalized the customer service.

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Winning Customers