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Two Creativity Catalysts


Creativity for Fun and Creativity Under-the-Gun

By: Vadim Kotelnikov, Founder of Inspirational Business e-Coach

Two Creativity Catalysts Creative Problem Solving: Reframing Innovation Is Love How To Solve Problems Two Creativity Catalysts: Creating for Fun, Creativity under the Gun, Yin and Yang of Creativity


Yin-Yang of Entrepreneurial Creativity



The Two Creativity Catalysts

We create either for fun or under the gun. Market leaders create for fun under the gun.

You create “under the gun” when you need to solve a pressing problem urgently and creatively. Creating for fun takes place when you are working on making your dream a reality or “play with the objects you love”.

Creativity can be learned. Learning creativity includes both creative thinking and creative action.

Creativity: 3 Pillars

Creative Problem Solving

"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them," advised Albert Einstein.

Here is the story illustrating the value of non-standard thinking. An inventive clerk had to calculate the area of some complex shapes. Since he was not a master in Math, he faced two problems. Firstly, he couldn't "fetch" the data into polynomials and secondly, he hadn't mastered the art of Integral Calculus. But he was inventive. What he did was draw the data on calibrated 100 gram paper and then cut out the graph and... weighted it.

To become a creative problem solver:

Turning Problems Into Opportunities

Fun-driven Creativity

You can improve greatly the quality of your life by injecting creativity into everything you do. Everyone loves the feeling – the joy, the mental lift, the energy, the attitude, the productivity, the satisfaction – that comes with being inspired.

How To Get Inspired

To enjoy lasting inspiration and have a continual stimulus for ideas to achieve your stretch goals, you must have a dream, to create an inspiring vision of the future, to find what you love to do, and to choose the right, clearly defined and intensely desired goals. Having done so, start moving towards making your dream a reality. Experiment, take risk. If you really want something you’ll invent amazing ways to achieve it.


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