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List of Happy, Positive, Inspiring and Empowering Words


Power Words that make you feel Happy, Alive and Empowered!


Abundant; Accept; Acceptance; Achievement; Affirm; Alive; Allow; Amaze; Angels; Appreciate; Art; Aspire; Auspicious; Awaken; Aware; Awe;

Babies, Balance; Bathed; Beautiful; Become; Believe; Bliss; Blossom; Blossoming; Blue Skies; Bountiful; Breath; Breathe; Bright; Brilliant; Brilliance; Bubbles; Buzz;

Calm; Caring; Caress; Centered; Challenge; Charged; Cheerful; Chocolate; Chirp; Choose; Clarity; Clear; Cleansing; Colorful; Compassion; Composed; Confident; Confidence; Conscious; Courage; Courageous; Create; Creative; Creativity; Crystalline; Curious;

Dance; Dazzle; Decisive; Delicious; Delight; Determination; Dream; Dynamic;

Earned; Earnest; Effervesce; Electric; Embrace; Empathize; Empower; Energy; Energetic; Energize; Enjoy; Enthused; Enthusiasm; Equanimity; Excite; Exuberant;

Faith; Fantastic; Flow; Flowers; Fly; Forgiveness; Fragrance; Free; Freedom; Fresh; Fruity; Full; Fun;

Gentle; Giggle; Glorious; Goodness; Grace; Grateful; Groovy; Growth;

Happy; Happiness; Heal; Healthy; Humane; Humble; Humility; Humor;

Imbibe; Improve; Informed; Inhale; Innocence; Inspire; Inspiration; Intuitive; Invigorate;




Jasmine; Joy; Jump;

Kindness; Kinetic; Kiss;

Laugh; Lavender; Learn; Liberate; Light; Listen; Lively; Love;

Majestic; Meaningful; Manifest; Meditation; Miracle; Motivation; Music;

Nature; Natural; New Beginnings; Nourish; Nurture;

Open; Optimistic; Overflow;

Passion; Patient; Peace; Peaceful; Play; Playful; Poise; Positive; Power; Powerful; Prosperity; Pure; Purpose;


Radiant; Realize; Reflective; Refresh; Release; Renew; Responsive; Richness;

Sanctified; Savor; Scintillate; Serene; Shine; Sincere; Simple; Simplicity; Sing; Smile; Soften; Sparkle, Special; Spontaneous; Stainless; Strength; Stretch, Strong, Success; Suffused; Sunshine; Surprise; Survive; Sweeten;

Taste; Tender; Thankful; Thoughtful; Therapeutic; Thrill; Thrive; Thunder; Tickle; Titillate; Tolerant; Tough; Transcend; Transform; Tranquil; Trust; Trusting;

Understanding; Unfold; Unperturbed; Unselfish; Unshakable; Uplifting; Useful;

Valued; Vibrant; Vibrancy; Vigorous; Visionary; Voltage;

Warmth; Wellness; Whole; Wholeness; Wild; Wonder; Wonderful; Worthy;

Yoga; Youthful; Young;

Zest; Zeal

Enjoy more achieving and happier life!
Happy Victor




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