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5 Keys To Lasting Inspiration

By: Kevin Eikenberry


Everyone I know loves the feeling that comes with being inspired. They like the mental lift, the energy, the attitude, the productivity, the satisfaction and even the way it makes them feel physically.

And as wonderful and valuable as inspiration is, for most of us, it`s hard to capture, expand and make last. We want the eternal flame, but far too often settle for a spark as fleeting as the flame provided by a match.

There are predictable ways you can extend the life of your inspirational flame. When you learn these ways, they become important to not just you, but also those you care about, interact with and lead. As you begin to apply these ideas in your life you can help others be inspired and internally motivated as well.

Creativity: 3 Pillars

In short, these keys will help you transform your spark into an exciting, lifelong, raging bonfire.

Passion the Fuel for the Fire

Every fire requires fuel. The more fuel you have and the higher quality of that fuel, the bigger and more powerful your fire.


If you want to create lasting inspiration you must be working and living from a place of passion. You must be doing things you love! If you know today how to make money with your passion, and therefore live it 24/7, great! If not, start with tapping your passion in as many ways as you can, as much of the time as you can.

Purpose the Big Why

Before you can make anything happen, you need to understand and clearly define your purpose. Why do you want to achieve? What is in it for you, your family and those around you? When you connect your passion to a purpose you get excited about, your fire is already roaring; the rest is channeling the flames in the proper direction. Which leads directly to . . .

Be Different and Make a Difference!

Goals the Direction of Your Dreams

Goals are an extremely important part of the inspiration equation, but they aren`t the start. Have you ever set a goal and become discouraged, or perhaps even despondent, when you weren`t making progress? This is much less likely to happen, when your goals are set in connection with your passion and spurred by your purpose. Goals, in order to channel your inspirational fire, must be your goals and they must be aspirational.

The Wheel of Personal Success

Inspirational Inputs the Oxygen for Your Inspiration


The first three components can be in place, and your inspirational flames can still smolder. Why? Because life happens! Things change, setbacks occur and we fall prey to our humanness. Just like a fire needs oxygen, we all need inputs that continue to breathe life into our inspiration. Perhaps for you it's your favorite music or movie. Perhaps it is a play or poetry. Maybe it is a seminar, workshop or time spent with the most positive person you know. Maybe it is all of these and more. Whatever your inspirational inputs are recognize that they are the oxygen for your fire. You don`t get upset at a fire when it needs oxygen. Neither should you expect your inspiration to tend to itself without additional inputs on a regular basis.

Action the Small Steps that Create Momentum

Want the ultimate cure for waning inspiration? Take action! Do something! Get off the couch and get going. Lethargy breeds lethargy and will kill your inspirational fire like sand in the campfire. You can`t do everything today, and you don`t have to. Do something. Take a step. And then keep going. You will get there, and you will move further faster than you realize.

These five keys can give you a lifetime blazing fire of inspiration in your life. You must recognize that the spark you love will never become a raging fire without help.

Smokey the Bear says only you can prevent forest fires. He`s right. And only you can create a personal fire hot enough to help you create the life you desire. Don`t settle for a spark. Fan your flames every day.