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4 Types of Problems

Problem Solving: 4 Levels

Creative Problem Solving

Problems Into Opportunities

Happiness: Yin and Yang

Personal Success: the Wheel

Creativity: 3 Pillars

Achievement: COCA Principle

4 Types of Problems

4 Levels of Problem Solving

Positive Problem Solving

CPS: Step Out of Your Shoes

6 Steps of Problem Solving

5-Why Process


Creative Problem Solving

CPS: 6-Step Process

CPS in Business: Questions

Strategic Problem Solving

Problems Into Opportunities

Unconscious Problem Solving

Yin-Yang of Happiness

Happiness Advices

Positive Attitude



Do Your Best

Creative Problem Solving

Great Achiever: 8 Habits

Great Negotiator

Happy vs. Unhappy People

Yin and Yang of Success

Why and How To Listen


Great Problem Solver

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50 Positive Affirmations

Personal Success 360

Happiness Quotes

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Great Problem Solver

How To Solve Problems

Inspirational Micro-course by Vadim Kotelnikov

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  1. 4 Levels of Problem Solving

  2. The Five-Why Method

  3. Work Backward Strategy

  4. Toyota A3 Methodology and 7-Step Process

  5. STRIDES Model for Solving Complex Problems

  6. Ask the Right Question

  7. Creative Problem Solving: Reframing

  8. 10 Brainstorming Rules

  9. Problems or Opportunities?

  10. Turn Problems To Opportunities: 6 Tips